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Character of Xinjiang nation language works and translate working general situat
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A Limu • breaths out Sha Ni
Xinjiang municipality civilian language appoint renown art does

One, character of the geography of Xinjiang, nation, population, language is main circumstance and Party committee of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and government take minority language seriously circumstance of job of character and interpreter.

2, since reforming and opening, xinjiang is strengthening construction of language character legal system, strengthen language character management lawfully, advance standardization of minority language character, standardization and informatization process, strengthen “ bilingual ” study, advocate masses of each nation cadre to learned the respect such as the language to gain remarkable success each other energetically, compose built harmonious Xinjiang language life, to improve quality of each people culture, enhance the effect with safeguarded harmony of ethical solidarity, stimulative society to develop very communication communication, main.

3, the huge success that since Xinjiang minority Chinese translates fundamental condition of the job, reforming and opening, gains, science and technology of the course policy policy that the interpreter works to carry out a party in conduct propaganda, transmission and scientific literacy knowledge promote Xinjiang economy and social development with using, defend a nation solidarity and social stability produced main effect.

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