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Free telephone call translates: "Number knowledgeable person " American edition
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Recently, ”(LanguageLineServices) of service center of “ language special railway line and cooperation of AT&T telephone company roll out American free telephone call to translate service “ your world, your language”(Your World, your Language) plan, this plan experiment serves to be rolled out in san Francisco above all. The people that says a foreign language or tourist can dial directly avoid phone paying fee to be able to put through directly the interpreter serves, they are met the incoming telegram person the requirement conveys san Francisco municipal government orgnaization and the company that join a plan, include to apply for the service such as service of company of telephone of credit card, action, bank. The author thinks, interpreter of this free telephone call serves the ” of “ number knowledgeable person that belongs to American edition, of this business roll out, from the professional work of ” of “ number knowledgeable person that attended to be sure Chinese telecommunication is rolled out further somehow, and digging mode of market demand, business innovation and collect fees the improvement of mode offerred new development thinking.
” of “ number knowledgeable person is Chinese telecommunication a kind when offer technically for you civilian information serves, be the service that examine number is comprehensive upgrade, receive number accordingly through dialing, besides inquiry telephone number, still can get the news service closely related all sorts of as daily as you basic necessities of life convenient and quickly. The author understands, ” of “ number knowledgeable person is business of firm network operation uses resource of giant network, client, through offerring all sorts of rise in value the service builds a platform that faces terminal consumer for enterprise user.
For the angle from transition, ” of “ number knowledgeable person although cannot from go up at all solve problem of Chinese telegraphic transition, but offer simple message to serve a solution to enterprise user and masses user through this business (current and main show searchs a field in speech) , this deepens transition to have main fundamental effect further to Chinese telecommunication. One of, chinese telecommunication is OK the client natural resources that this business and enterprise user build have the aid of will spread out business to permeate, offer more, more complex company course comprehensive information serves a solution; Secondly, through current and simple message the service can breed the consumption that masses user serves to comprehensive information to be used to, raise client acknowledge to spend, can raise user stickiness on certain level, promote a brand value even.
Current, the high speed development of information communication technology makes telegraphic industry market competition is increasingly intense, and those who accompanying communication market is increasingly mature, experience of communication terminal user accumulates increase gradually, operation business offers information to deliver a service to the user merely (like speech phone, short message) and simple message serves (like the 114 services that examine number) cannot have satisfied with each passing day diversity user demand. From the basis market demand, in light of the point of view that pushs business mode innovation, “ thinks of the client's place to need ” to become a when operation business must consider serious problem gradually, chinese telecommunication should learn to ” of knowledgeable person of number of American edition “ , according to diverse client demand, the information that rolls out more individuation further serves. As a result of many sided reason, the phone translates a service to have particular market demand, according to the specific market condition of our country, the demand that certain line of business is existing to make much individuation remains to satisfy, also remain at the same time the farther mining of operation business.
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