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What Xu Yuan rushs is conceited
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Making deep develop a gentleman is a conceited person. Knowledge, achievement, secondarily, important is he has experience. A scholar, have experience and did not experience, it is different. Do not have experience, you have knowledge possibly also, successful, but knowledge is knowledge only, achievement is achievement only, you do not know they have many after all encyclopedical much loftier, can evaluate by others only, the opinion became high not bad, low be in an unfavorable situation not small. Have experience but different, you know the wise man's moral integrity, also know Tong Chai's ability, exceed you you hey laugh like that, as yours that Ied am sorry, how do you say metropolis clear and logical.

The experience that makes a gentleman is not complex. Foreign language of southwest the United Nations General Assembly is graduated from during war of resistance against aggression is, go to a law to study abroad subsequently, go back to the motherland the fifties, teach in institutes of a few local foreign language early or late, about 80 time enter Beijing University to teach until emeritus. In this experience, the most important is around both ends. Learn too on southwest the United Nations General Assembly, can say Beijing University, Tsinghua, south the teacher that opening those professor is him completely, became the fellow student of the name those later, it is his schoolfellow completely. Old age teachs Beijing University, beijing University Ximen Shangfang the board of a copy kept as a record of that treasure blue, be equal to the decoration before the bosom. These return secondarily, most the most important, it is with Nobel physics winner Yang Zhenning has been the same as award to learn. Such, the wisdom that praises a gentleman is not simple knowledge, its are accomplished also is not simple achievement. For what, because had,can compare. " poetic book life " before 3 articles (include " sinfonia " ) in, he made oneself and Yang Zhenning compare strictly:

Poplar 4 years old of know how to read, literacy 3000, make 4 years old of know how to read, literacy 300 (another place is made say him “ 3 years old to learn ” of know how to read) . Big one English quiz, poplar 95 minutes, make 85 minutes; When Yang Shang university, read English edition " miserable world " the edge sees edge translation, the edge when Xu Dayi listens " politics " the edge translates Cheng Yingwen. 1944, yang Gong expenses stays the United States, make remain a way at one's own expenses. The comparison that two people accomplish is too wonderful, still look textual:

Before one year when win a prize in Yang Zhenning, I published British name drama " everything for love " , hind the novel that published French Luo Lan one year again " elder brother plays · cloth Le Ni's old man " , still become interpret of word of Chairman Mao poem English poem and French poem. Higher education ministry was announced at that time " teach 16 high " , say a foreign language one class professor must have a good command of two kinds of foreign language. Look in me, “ perfectness ” is the work of interpret of each other of China and foreign countries that should publish two kinds of foreign language at least, this also is equal to the nobel prize of foreign language bound.
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