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Last time of Lin Yutang
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In December 1975, christmas eve, lin Yutang make one's home in is in the young daughter home of Hong Kong.
One day, 2 daughters Lin Taiyi takes him to arrive to always install a company to shop. The adult child that purchases christmas gift was swarmed over there, there is a beaming picture in the shop.
The atmosphere of this festival affected the Lin Yutang that has deep love for life, he is witnessed sundry bright festal adornment, hear of noel. He feels this world is too beautiful, and think of oneself gradually anile, hate cannot immortal not old, infinite and excited, infinite and sad. He grabs suddenly on bar chain of a string of false pearl, choke up with sobs …… .
The old man that nature of counterjumper young lady does not know to this cries like dot is the Lin Yutang of famous, more do not understand this angular old man why to can cry in such circumstance rise, counterjumper feels indescribable, think his nerve is abnormal by accident, accordingly, look at him curiously with clodhopping.
In aside Lin Taiyi is irritated by the inurbane manner place of counterjumper. She thinks ignorant to that counterjumper says: Forgive he, young lady, you should have read his book, know how he has deep love for life, can know why he is dropping tear just now.
Let him grab each adornment, weep to these things!
After christmas passes, manual all the more of Lin Yutang is feeble, the double base that cannot have used oneself acts, must sit wheelchair. Later, he sleeps repeatedly the chatelaine on gown also won't knot. Daughters teach him how knot, and he resembles geoscience of patience of appearance of young Tong Yi. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, he drops underground from the bed, so feeble that climb not to rise, lie on the ground silently, when day break.
Young daughter sees old father slept on the ground overnight, say achingly: “ pa, how don't you call me? ”
Lin Yutang replies serenely: You want “ by day the job, I do not want to make a noise wake you. ” daughter listened to enter tear pharynx in abdomen.
Although be on wheelchair, also do not sit sometimes, come down to prevent him to drop from wheelchair, must bind him with cord ligature is on chair, resemble a convict like. At this moment he says to the daughter: I envy “ really you, want where to go to. ” had lost the freedom of the action because of him himself.
Lin Yutang's body is in of the natural law that cannot defy control below, lost mobile ability almost, but his heart is remained however young. —— a day, elder brother's wife Mrs Chen Xiqing of Ms. Chen Jinduan that ever had been in love to it 60 years ago works heart path to visit Lin Yutang to Hong Kong. Lin Yutang of 80 years old still bear in mind constantly the lover 60 years ago.
He asks about Chen Jinduan the lady's circumstance, when hearing she is returned, he resembles a young boy with joy like say to Mrs Chen Xiqing: You tell “ her, I should see her! ”
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