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Interpreter skill: The small doohickey that English adjective translates
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English and Chinese language structure and expressive habit have the place of a lot of difference, often can buckle to death when the interpreter textual chase a word sentence by sentence interpret goes out. The article plans to talk about translation problem of the adjective.

One, a few former justice the adjective that does not have negative meaning and other word are tie-in, sometimes but interpret is become negative sentence.

1.These Goods Are In Short Supply.

These goods in short supply.

2.This Equation Is Far From Being Complicated.

This equation is certain not complex also.

2, to make translation nature fluent, read rise read smoothly, adverbial “ can be added according to context content before a few adjectives very ” , “ most the word such as ” .

1.It Was As Pleasant A Day As I Have Ever Spent.

This is I spend a the happiest day.

2.It Is Easy To Compress A Gas.

Gas is compressed very easily.

3, sometimes but the interpret of ” of phrase of “ adjective phrase English becomes Chinese advocate call structure.

1.She Spoke In A High Voice.

Her speech voice is very shrill.

2.This Engine Develops A High Torque.

The torsion that this engine produces is very big.

4, if there are a few adjectives before a noun,decorate, should decide according to Chinese habit its are ordinal when flower interpret.

1.A Large Brick Conference Hall

The congress of a build by laying bricks or stones that use a brick discusses hall

2.A Plastic Garden Chair

A plastic chair that uses in the garden

5, a few indicates the psychology such as conscious, affection, desire adjectives in English, when forming compound predicate with the verb that join a department, the verb can become adjectival interpret when the interpreter.

1.You Are Ignorant Of The Duties You Undertake In Marrying.

You do not know the responsibility that you assume in marital respect completely.

2.Such Criticisms Have Become Familiar In His Later Commentaries On


Similar criticism comments on the common occurance in American article in what he writes later.
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