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Improve interpreter talent quality time will not wait for me
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After our country joins WTO, foreign enterprise grabs beach China market in succession. Of the foreign enterprise a large number of entering, need a lot of professional foreign languages translate personnel to regard China and foreign countries as the bridge that communicates between Fang Zhi, make these enterprises realize “ to consider this locality of problem of problem globalization, processing to change the strategy of ” . In addition, global economic integration makes Chinese enterprise also is facing more good luck and challenge. In intense competition, master information certainly will to become an enterprise to decide one of crucial factors of victory or defeat.

And information of abroad of accurate, apace control, language (character) it is principal overcome obstacle, each industry translates the science and technology that needs large quantities of one high quality the talent. Current competition is talent competition, a lot of enterprises ask when talent of invite applications for a job tall record of formal schooling. Record of formal schooling admittedly very important, but record of formal schooling is tall not commissarial quality is high, can explain he has very good study capacity only. Want to make the enterprise gains an advantage in talent competition, the key still depends on the business education to its employee, form mechanism of lifelong study, lifelong education, make the talent shows itself, implementation employee and company grow jointly, create bigger gain for the enterprise thereby.

From the following the respect talks to foster science and technology to translate the talent's shallow to know to the enterprise. Ask for advice to translate a talent to foster the expert of the respect at science and technology, aim to advance industry science and technology to translate the talent's education ceaselessly, promote the competition ability of the enterprise.

Aggravate of uneven knowledge ageing fortifies standard of interpreter of 1 science and technology groom imperative

Level of national foreign language especially in recent years level of college graduate foreign language has 10 years ago relatively very big rise. Majority already passed university English the student of major of blame foreign language that 4 class take an exam, relevant technology data can consult commonly after graduating, if building site spot is simple interpreter, general,some can be assumed even welcome the primary interpreter job such as oral interpretation, alleviated thereby the pressure that full-time translates, the manpower resource that also avoided to send interpreter of high level full-time to finish primary interpreter job at the same time is wasteful.

Although the enterprise is medium,level of employee foreign language rises generally, the number that can share foreign expert to communicate directly also increased, but be to need really inside short time take out book of contract of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, mark, or when translating a manuscript to the high quality that bids outside the condition, often suffer from looks for the interpreter that is less than ideal, some brings about an enterprise to lose rare business chance even, all these makes industry leader big nerve-racking. Current, interpreter level is uneven, high quality, compound model talent of interpreter of high administrative levels still is in short supply.
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