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Writing of English of the university entrance exam should raise a structure to d
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The written expression in English the university entrance exam asks to take an examination of the scene with unripe specific basis, the English essay of a not less than 120 words is written inside 30 minutes of right-and-left time, want attend school to be born to wait for fundamental English knowledge to have corresponding level to vocabulary, syntactic, sentence pattern not only, return the check student assurance to paragraph and discourse structure greatly, make student English ability gets truly the most comprehensive assessment. The author thinks, the syntactic knowledge that English writing should guide a student to apply place to acquire comes wording and phrasing while, with sentence, paragraph, piece the structure is nodded to be cut, have the systematic teacher and student of sentence pattern structure, paragraph structure and discourse structure, undertake English composes training and practice, education student English composes ability.

1. Sentence pattern structure

Be in sentence, paragraph, piece 3 person in, sentence pattern structure is the contact when learning a life is most, almost each class of middle school education, each exercise more or less of sentence pattern of bring into contact with apply and understand, but in English writing process, the student often considers a meaning only, character itself considers antonym to come nevertheless however, small error cans be found everywhere. Because this is in writing education, the exercise that ought to strengthen English sentence pattern to apply above all. Can use conjunction to become sentence incorporate with brief simple sentence compound sentence training, come the capacity that aggrandizement student uses of all kinds sentence pattern.

2. Paragraph structure

In essay writing, paragraph can be divided into two kinds of types, one kind depicts a sex, another kind is eristic sex. Describing sexual phase is the content that gives out according to thematic place, include drawing, chart to wait, develop oneself imagination, have certain picture to some phenomenon or incident. The premise that has written this kind of paragraph is the data that should provide to place have careful observation, capture among them key and necessary detail, come out these content with proper grammar and sentence pattern expression. In conveying a process, the time that ought to note incident happening early or late or the development trend of some phenomenon. The paragraph of eristic sex wants to come up against in every composition almost, although be in the essay writing of drawing form, also need to publish certain comment after describing incident. Want to write the English paragraph of very eristic sex, want establish paragraph clou above all, adopt all sorts of measures next, be like description, paradigmatic, wait quite, place the reason that issues put oneself in another's position, develop this one theme. The commonnest paragraph structure is a center sentence prop up with several sentence, often also can see in the exercise that this kind of structure reads understanding in English. Center sentence appear in normally paragraph head, also can be put in paragraph fine sometimes or among, but for the high school student that still does not perfect to English writing ability, the center sentence the method that is put in paragraph to begin holds more easily. Had a center sentence, prop up plus a few sentence made a phase, write prop up sentence when, should notice to be in sentence with sentence between use suitable turn word, make the article appears more coherent and fluent.
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