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Be engaged in an interpreter needing what basic skill
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[specification] what does the skill of Germanization have after all? See question and answer please 15. About all sorts of specific content that translate skill, we will make farther introduction in retrospective interlocution. [compare] afore-mentioned 5 old essential technique to the interpreter, we have one to compare very much: By bicycle. Translator is cyclist; ” of “ manner basic skill shows have one's head screwed on the right way, destination is clear, cannot disaster of muddle-headed dispatch a vehicle; “ German and ” of Chinese basic skill are equivalent to a bicycle before, rear wheel, be short of one cannot; ” of “ knowledge basic skill is just like familiar transportation situation, so that fast reach destination surely again; ” of “ skill basic skill resembles the technology that ride a bicycle: Be in hard won't, it is not difficult to was met; Perfectness and not easy, but can do.

(1) manner basic skill
This should solve 3 problems, namely directional problem (what is the goal that translates the job clearly, serve for who after all) , dynamical problem (clear, purpose understands way insufficient still, still must study diligent effort, assiduously, just can do good work) with attitude issue (had direction and drive, the attitude that has science even, rigorous interpret wind is genial the spirit at study, indefatigable pursuit, ability progresses ceaselessly and climb uprise peak) . Want the interpreter's door, the work that does not give hardships is no good. Had a bit result, do not be pleased with oneself, firm condition is self-given, meet otherwise all one's previous efforts wasted, quit. Only not Wei hardship pinch, cautious and conscientious, raise new target ceaselessly, make arduous efforts, none laches, in just can translating the job, advance ceaselessly, accomplish somewhat.

(Basic skill of 2) foreign language
Be engaged in translating the job, not character should possess foreign language basic skill axiomatically. Emphasize only here at 2 o'clock:
The first, foreign language basic training is not sound, sure meeting is difficult and heavy when the interpreter, get half the result with twice the effort. Such idea and view are expressing in midstream of a few translator: It is good to do an interpreter to want Chinese only go. Implication is, foreign language all but is indifferent to, can consult a dictionary anyway. This is very little to translating working ignorance or place to know report. See please: Textual (German) : Sie (die Großen) Werfen Schatten Auf Unsere Zeit Und Noch Weit Darüber Hinaus. Learn interpret: They (the times that shows ”) of “ great person affects us, and far more than still hereat. Analysis: Thick read translated text, do not have a fault it seems that, translator was solved to textual manage, also conveyed textual acceptation. But fine fractionize analyse, we feel, translator is textual without thorough understanding, perhaps say to know its only watch, do not know its in, only interpret gave meaning of textual ” of “ poetry face, give its depth meaning without interpret: The influence takes the place of with later ages for generations. Change interpret: They (the times that shows ”) of “ great person affects us not only, and still leave a good name forever. Explain: In translating a process, the meaning on ” of face of textual “ poetry is mostly OK reference book of have the aid of is checked, make clear, but outside mastering the character in textual word or the meaning of deep administrative levels often relies on translator read savvy, and this is not checked forever on the dictionary.
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