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About holding " teacher of Japanese of university of the 3rd whole nation grinds
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Each concern colleges and universities:

To raise teacher of countrywide broad Japanese, especially in the language theory level of young Japanese teacher and education practice ability, press of office of Beijing of foundation of Japan border communication, higher education at 2006, held teacher of backbone of Japanese of university of two whole nations to grind jointly 2007 long class. Grind long class raises scientific research level, paper to composed the problem such as design of standard, pedagogy, education to hold special subject chair, obtained favorable result.

Came 24 days on July 19, 2008, office of Beijing of foundation of Japan border communication and higher education press hold combination “ teacher of Japanese of university of the 3rd whole nation grinds the ” that repair a class. Current grind long class gives priority to a problem with Japanese education, put forward “ to experience education, answer doubt dispels doubts of ” grind long mode, inviting famous expert while the scholar holds special subject chair, established “ to carry out curricular ” first. Attend grind the study that writes the teacher of the class to pass practice tax, can imitate is actual the setting of classroom education, in participating in classroom education personally, learn to be used alive alive. Groom the end will issue letter of complete a course. Inform concerned item as follows now:

Sponsor an unit: Japan border communicates press of higher education of foundation Beijing office
Assist run an unit: Group of Japanese of committee of guidance of education of foreign language of university of colleges and universities
High post is high only other language kind committee of professional education guidance
Time: On July 19, 2008 (6) —24 day (4)
Place: Guangzhou

This second grind the bed and board that repair a class is free, collection grinds long tuition 800 yuan / person (include a data to expend) . Because funds is limited, because this number limitation is in 200 (if need not arrange the teacher of accommodation, grind long tuition is 500 yuan / person) . We will be chosen strictly according to your application form, at the appointed time with written or phone form informs you attend.

Particular program arrangement consults please accessory one, sign up to download please and fill in accessory 2.

Accessory one: Calendar.doc

Accessory 2: Receipt expresses.doc

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