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Study abroad small language country should prepare language exam as early as pos
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Current, groom as small language hot abidance warms up, already more and more students and parent were in look focusing on small language, as a result of small language higher obtain employment is led, make most student will study abroad destination aims at small language country. Want to accomplish oneself to study abroad the dream of small language country, the key depends on a language tackling key problem, want to prepare language exam as early as possible.

One grooms orgnaization chief says: Before the phone mixes “ recently, will seek advice from the student in an endless stream that language of relevant small language takes an exam, among them one big the relevant circumstance that the student of 3 enquires to TEF remaining a way takes an exam. ” is right this, this orgnaization controller expresses, law blessing (TEF) exam is the only that holds inside at present is taken an exam by level of French of approbatory of French countryman Ministry of Education, to will go or wanting to go on France the foreign student of the illegal language country of the university, this exam is must, the achievement of this exam is effective inside a year. At present this exam includes to read understanding, audition, structure and vocabulary 3 parts, every content full marks is 300 minutes, 3 tot 900 minutes, general application goes the student that France studies abroad, 350 minutes of above that need to achieve this exam result can. All students that join TEF exam, must the website of preexistence CELA is registered, the 4 CELA center that examinee is in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou) annual can attend TEF exam, after finishing corresponding formalities signing up, the time Duan Can that can choose to suit an individual adds an exam, before the exam 3 weeks of meetings inform specific exam of date and time through the network, the cost signing up that TEF takes an exam is 1000 yuan of RMBs, can sign up for many times to take an examination. Additional, should remind those the plan goes particularly the wide undergraduate that small language country studies abroad, had better be in study abroad certainly undertake the language tackles key problem immediately when the country, the time that spends in this respect and energy affirmation want to be gotten more much, prepare as early as possible so, to studying abroad for be very good part.

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