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Liberal art graduate goes abroad read grind the way that has 5 become a useful p
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Overseas pursue one's studies is one raises the professional competition ability, way that wins international to approbate record of formal schooling undoubtedly. In the meantime, the student that changes major to those wanting that redesign professional career perhaps is best choice. As a whole, liberal art is unripe go abroad read grind the way that can have the following become a useful people.

1, do not turn professional, continue to read the master's degree with relevant and professional undergraduate course

The major that had undertaken 4 years in relevant domain learns, if can break through a language to close, study also is met handy. Can continue to learn after finish school read a doctor, scientific research and education pursue in the college, also can consider to perhaps go back to the motherland in local obtain employment. The tuition of foreign university liberal art is relatively inferior.

2, turn professional, the Master that reads another major or Master preparatory course

For example the mass communication of the College of the Humanities, interpreter, news, common management; The much of the business school is professional (business affairs of management of resource of accountant, finance, manpower, international, content sheds hotel of sale of system of news of management, trade, bank, market, international to manage) ; The education of middle and primary school of pedagogic courtyard, foreign language is taught (TESOL) ; The law of nations of law courtyard, commercial law; Government of system of the electronic business affairs of IT institute, information is waited a moment.

3, undergraduate course language kind student

Recommend read the major such as division of education of masses medium, interpreter, news, foreign language, business, because graduate adroitness mastered English, have the professional knowledge in specific domain at the same time, can be in after graduation the orgnaization of international organization, government sector, education, orgnaization such as news media is engaged in language education, culture communicating the job that waits for a respect.

4, undergraduate course is humanitarian and professional kind of student

Literature, history, philosophy, sociological, anthropologic wait for major, recommend the way such as sale of news, accountant, market. The major of setting study accounting that concern of a lot of students learns without number is very difficult. What need points out is accounting major not tall to mathematical requirement, student of majority liberal art feels the biggest difficult problem is English itself, not be maths, want a student to try hard to learn only, liberal art is born can complete accountant Master course smoothly, can become even register accountant.

5, student of major of undergraduate course law

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