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Elegant think of policy to reform billows sound as before
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The “ that sponsors by place of British embassy culture is elegant think of an exam development and look into high-end conference ” to be held in Beijing, china Yasaipei famous teacher attended example group share on invitation the conference. The announcement on the meeting elegant the “ that think of ” of 3 big change. To this, round-the-world Yasaian presiding instructor Frank is in badge total school undertook be unscramblinged authoritatively for a short while.

[Frank is unscrambled]

The “ that just comes on stage is elegant think of ” of 3 big change, attend to the near future elegant the examinee that thinks of an exam is without a relation! Be without an influence! Advocate is elegant consider change, it is minority is not professional only groom the commercial act that the orgnaization attracts eyeball, actually can have negative effect to the classmate that fors reference with all one's strength. Remind in May, in June, will take an examination of in July elegant the fellow student that consider, not abstracted, elegant thinking of still is billows sound as before.

[elegant consider one of change]

Elegant think of exam government to will be in this year will come on stage August elegant think of colloquial exam pronunciation to estimate a watch —— is elegant think of Checklist of pronouncing of colloquial exam standard to be about to announce, it is to perfect what spoken language evaluates a system to lift actually, it is to help spoken language groom the teacher has the specific aim, pronunciation that ground of frame of reference perfects classmates, to the spoken language after August the test is affected also very little. As elegant think of spoken language one of 4 big standards of grading, examinee pronouncing gives a mark, it is the subjective impression that relies on to take an examination of an official all the time, and will have after August according to can be being taken an examination of. But actually, take an examination of an official or want the impression by whole. So, should be being inspected to this classmates is “polish” pronouncing favour, is not elegant the what that thinks of colloquial exam weighs revolution.

[elegant consider change]

Emigrant kind elegant think of an exam (G kind) the select material of proposition of the 2nd part that reads a portion mediumly, will by groom so progressively change is content working content —— above all, g kind reading changes, the classmate that goes studying abroad with great majority is without a relation! Be without an influence! The student studying abroad asks to study science kind elegant think of (A kind) ; Next, it is G merely kind elegant one of 4 shares that consider reading the reading material of the 2nd part by groom content, instead job content, and for progressively change; Moreover, this change wants when will finish in May 2009.

[elegant consider change]

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