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Course translates legal major
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Dialetics of natural dialectics generality
Scientific socialism theory and practice Theory And Practice Of Scientific Socialism
Chinese jurisprudence Chinese Jurisprudence
Criminal Procedure of criminal procedural law
Civil Procedure of code of civil law
Administrative Procedure of administrative procedural law
Evidential law Evidence Law
Criminal law learns Criminal Law
The Front Of Law of problem of law forward position
Arbitral law Arbitration Law
Chinese constitution Constitutional Law
Constitution learns The Front Of Constitutional Law of forward position problem
Administrative law Administrative Law
Human Right Law of human rights law
Civil code is topical Civil Law
Commercial law is topical General Theory Of Commercial Law
Property Law of matter right law
Contract law and tort law Contract Law&Torts Law
Company method Corporation Law
Intellectual Property Law of intellectual property law
International Economic Law of international economy standard
International private law learns Private International Law
International public law learns Public International Law
Chinese Environmental of law of Chinese environment resource&Resource Law
International Environmental Law of international environment law

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