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Fu Lei and " teach thunder a letter from home "
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Fu Lei is our country's famous literary interpreter home and literary essayist. His one's early years studies abroad France, grind in Parisian university long literature. Fu Lei is assiduous and academic, the interest is wide, not only to western literature, especially French literature is very perfectness, and also have to western brushwork and musical phylogeny quite research. After Fu Lei goes back to the motherland, teach in Shanghai art training school. Since 30 time, fu Lei devotes oneself to the interpreter introduction of French literature to work, the work of lifetime interpreter amounts to many 30. Main work has Luo Man. Of Luo Lan " John. Kelisiduofu " , of Baerzake " tall old man " , " Ou Yeni. Ge Lang stage " , " state this uncle " , " Xia Bei captain " , " agitate water woman " , still have a biography " Beethoven is passed " , " Tuoersitai is passed " , " rice is optimistic base Luo Chuan " wait for work. Fu Lei was born 1908, after liberating, be first be delimited by the fault “ right-wing ” , culture Revolution initial stage is pounded again by severity, on September 3, 1966 because of criticize and denounce sb of malcontent search sb's house and confiscate his property, with love wife Zhu Meifu is in despair a anger and die Yu Jiazhong, when. Fu Lei's Western learning and country learn skill very deep, fu Lei's interpret is made and article, not only lifelike, and style or manner of writing is fluent, wording and phrasing is very exquisite. If not be Culture Revolution, he can is opposite undoubtedly the effect with the communication of culture of Chinese and Western and him bigger play of be well versed in, the interpreter that can be our country undoubtedly and educational enterprise make very large contribution.

" teach thunder a letter from home " basically be Fu Lei those who write son Fu Cong is epistolary, time comes from 1954 1966. Fu Cong is teach thunder cornstalk, was born 1934. Fu Cong crosses elementary school a few years on childhood times, basically teach by father superintend and director in the home. Fu Cong gift is bright, having very good comprehension to music. 8 years old begin to learn piano partly, 9 years old of division are in especially from Italian conductor and pianist, Li Si pass child Mei Baiqi. 1946 after Mei Baiqi dies, basically be self-study. As philharmonic as Shanghai 1953 collaboration is spiccato Beethoven " concerto of the 5th piano " , score huge success. Of the same age, hold in Romanian Bucharest " festival of youth of the 4th world " the 3rd is obtained in piano competition. Went to Poland to study abroad 1954, master from educationist of polish and famous piano Jieweiciji is taught, and with obtained in March 1955 " competition of piano of the 5th Xiao Bangguo border " mix the 3rd times " Mazuka " best award. Fu Cong is the first in foreign bear the palm pianist after new China holds water, very great sensation is caused in countrywide music group at that time. The piano Qu Li to Xiao Bang solves Fu Cong to be appeared greatly, have the good name of ” of “ piano poet. Black a place of strategic importance of · of deceased Germany writer, poet, musicologist, essayist and Hermann of winner of Nobel literature award, ceng Zhuanwen praises Fu Cong, say “ looks from ability law, fu Cong's expression is apple-pie really, relatively Keerduo or all rash guest Si Tan fine long hair are not inferior. But what what I hear is perfect performance not only, resemble country truly however. ”1958 autumn, fu Cong is graduated from institute of Warsaw state-maintaineding music ahead of schedule with outstanding achievement, the end of the year, fu Cong is emigrant British London. Fu Cong went back to the motherland on invitation 1979 play parental father and mother rehabilitate exonerate congress and ashes of the dead put a ceremony. After 80 time, fu Cong goes back to the motherland year after year show and discourse on an academic subject, the musical talent that is China moves toward the world to contribute force. Fu Cong studies piano art assiduously for a whole life, will Oriental culture blends in western music in. At the same time ceaseless research is like state, Mozart, Beethoven, De Biao the manuscript that composer waits for on the west, deepened the understanding to these composer work and understanding greatly, make his performance reachs new state, be close to the original intention at composer more thereby. Fu Cong studies abroad polish, and even emigrant later London, long-term with parents 10 thousand lis of be apart, fu Lei is right son cannot pour exhortation into sb's ear, communicate with epistolary means and son, " teach thunder a letter from home " , it is this during, the part of book mail transfer that Fu Lei writes son Fu Cong.
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