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[Special interview] interpret bound just makes deep madly rush: My translation g
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■ character

Xu Yuan rushs to was born 1921, jiangxi Nanchang person, europe is gone to to study abroad after was graduated from Tsinghua university foreign language to fasten 1943. Institute of foreign language of Beijing and other places is in after going back to the motherland professor of Ren Yingwen, French, had a professor of culture of Beijing University international 1983.

Xu Yuan rushs to be called the exclusive expert poesy of Cheng Ying of interpret of word of Chinese classic poem, law. Chinese monograph " literature translates 60 years " the literary translation that offerred Chinese school is academic, " Chinese immortal poem 300 " publish by company of British penguin books, english memoir " recall dies water time " by " new York Times " judge for philosophic theory of poetics of “ be in harmony at past ” . Other and serious work still includes " charm explore gets the better of Zhong Shiying " (English) , " word of Chinese ancient poetry 300 " (French) etc, translated " The Book of Songs " , " Chu Ci " , " Li Bai anthology " , " compartment is written down on the west " , " red with black " , " madam of the benefit that include a method " , " recall seems water time " wait for numerous famous book.

■ reporter hand is written down

A piece of calling card is imprinting “ book sells China and foreign countries 60, shi Yiying way is only person ” , imprinting on another piece of calling card “ is not academician gets the better of academician, europe of involuntary discharge of urine gives the United States 1000 poems ” . The conceited pass on a message that hear makes a gentleman is long.

It is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times: The bookshelf is to put a book not simply, still have the effect of the exhibition, interpret is written display one by one go up in frame, make a gentleman pointing to them to say, look, I had been at least the ancients ” disappears before “ .

China, not, on the world besides me, still have where individual already can medium interpret flower, Ying Yizhong, can medium in interpret of interpret law, law?

“ I am not conceited, I am self-confident. Conceit was to point out 10 books, slant should say 100, I was to give 60 books, practically says I gave 60, show actually in far more than 60? ”

Make a gentleman say he prints those calling card, the purpose is to regain the Chinese's self-confidence. But make him anger anger and cobbly is, foreigner often exclaim is accomplished at his, give very high opinion, and compatriots often atttacks him to be translated faithlessly however.

“ does not pass, the talent of new generation has latent capacity very much, the madam Weng Fan of for example Yang Zhenning, her Master paper is " the poetics that rushs by Xu Yuan translates an idea " , she thinks my interpreter one word is faithless in light of one word, but dutiful is in light of whole. ”
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