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Translate theory and practice course brief introduction
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The development as our country reforming and opening increases with what interact external, become more and more important as the interpreter that communicates different language and culture bridge. Chinese nearly 100 old histories are to show the interpreter progresses to Chinese society and the contribution of economic progress cannot be underestimated more. Can say, did not translate the transmission that is in China without the Marxism. In intellectual economy times, the interpreter is information communication, the emissary that knowledge transmits. See not hard, the interpreter has made the one part of the Information Industry, there is decisive effect in information communication and intellectual innovation.

The interpreter is the trailbreaker of economic globalization. Since reforming and opening, our country already formed a giant interpreter team gradually, no matter be to introduce foreign capital, still expand foreign trade, the interpreter produced its due positive effect. But, bound of our country interpret still also is put in a lot of problem at present, especially the quality of translation makes a person can care, have in translation appear time and again “ hurts ” forcedly (armour sex pathology) with “ internal injury”(second sex pathology) , brought terrible negative effect to concerning the job. Appear this kind of “ makes a spectacle of oneself with foreign language the situation reason of ” admittedly a lot of, but the shortage that most essential still is talent of interpreter of high quality major causes.

In recent years, translate shortage problem of the talent to solve a high level, already not little college and research organization opened “ to translate theory and task of graduate student of practice Master ” , but the demand that this translates a talent to major from the society still has photograph v to be apart from. What be worth to be carried particularly is, what some interpreter Master degree programs offer our country now course is literary direction more, the education that is not literature to translate a talent is on certain level still is “ blank ” , the flying development of this and career of our country science and technology and economic globalization process are antipathetic.

This research direction relies on Chongqing traffic university nearly 10 projects kind 2 class institute, translate institute of my school foreign language theory and practice direction part outstanding in young teacher and school each project kind the course backbone of 2 class institute is organized effectively together, translate theory and the research that carried out domain of this one course to have development to project English in last few years, formed what have distinguishing feature alone to compare stable research direction.

Study directional learning position originally:

Interpreter talented person needs education. It is reported, there is 7 what to open an interpreter to fasten or translate a center in 8 universities of Hong Kong. Chongqing is western exclusive municipality directly under the Central Government, now Home Shi Fengguo western big development, increase old industry base to transform strength further, can expect, professional interpreter talent will naturally have bigger demand. Accordingly, “ is added in time to translate theory and practice Master ” to develop a site in conditional college, this meantime.
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