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Plain outside name of winning just a little of contest of interpreter of student
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Last night at 7 o'clock, ” of cup of bridge of language of the 5th “ translates a contest to award prize to be held in institute of Sichuan foreign language. Come from south the student that opens the countrywide each district such as institute of normal school of university, southwest university, Chongqing university, the Yangtse River is assembled in, first prize parts by plain outside with plain outside the student of Chengdu institute carries off.

The player represents Ma Liu to express when expressing feeling character: “ my target is plain outside advanced interpreter class, I like to translate the job very much. Controller of ” this match thinks, turn over a talent high in short supply nowadays, the student that hope these are young and has actual strength can fill comes in. The reporter sees in the spot, speech of leader of whole prize-giving ceremony is to use English.

Last night, the reporter returns discovery in the spot, one, second-class award gainer is a class not only those who go up, and same still a dormitory. Introduce according to this match controller, they come from plain outside Chengdu institute, english external affairs is professional, just big 3. Among them a willow calling a horse, win first prize; Another calls Chen Yi, win second-class award.

This match by graduate student of college of Sichuan foreign language the ministry is sponsorred, attracted student of college of countrywide each district to attend, had held 5. (The reporter wears Yu Shi be used to to give birth to bang billows)

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