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China in Normal University student is obtained " outside grind company cup " spo
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On May 25, dozenth contest of controversy of English of whole nation of company cup ” grinds to fall in Beijing outside “ next heavy curtain. Through intense contend of 3 days, china in Wu Zheng of colleger of Normal University foreign language and Liu Wenbo are in combination of hand of argue of 120 colleges of countrywide show itself, brave seizes Ji Jun.
From contest goes to finals first, wu Zheng and Liu article wave undertook 8 integral contest and 3 knockout in all, encounter have come from Chinese farming the adversary of the of all kinds school such as industry of grain of institute of relation of big, international, Wuhan, central finance and economics. And debate topic is involved wait for each respects to international relation to social rights and interests from environmental protection. Depend on sufficient preparation, tacit understanding cooperate with good state of mind, they 9 get the better of lose before entering the throughout the country 4 strong. In the antagonism with university of central finance and economics with 5 than the faint difference be defeated of 6, but the wind that outstanding argue hand still showed on competition ground model.
On May 27 afternoon, leader of foreign language institute and Wu Zheng, Liu Wenbo's classmate and directive teacher Liu Wanling held an informal discussion. Next year in May, they will by grind outside “ organizing committee of company cup ” sends kuala lumpur to play game of Asian English controversy.
Controversy of English of whole nation of company cup ” grinding to surpass outside “ is match of China's only national English controversy, representing the top level of education of our country spoken English.
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